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Academic Areas: Microelectronics, IC Design

Zou Zhige was born in March, 1975. He is an associate professor in Department of Electronic of Science and Technology, School of Optical and Electronic Information, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. From 2003, he was with the Research Center of VLSI & System for research and teaching focused on Mix-signal Integrated circuit design. His research areas include: Low power analog IC design technique, Wireless Body Area Network, neural–Silicon Interface, etc.
As the main member of the project team, he takes part in the projects supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), the National Nature Science Fund and so on. As manager, he has charged in about 10 projects supported by international and national corporations. He has published 14 papers, 10 patents, 1 text-book.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2008.

Master in Power Electronics & Electrical Drive, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2003.

Bachelor In Electric Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 1998.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science & Technology since 1998.

School of Optical and Electronic Information, Associate Professor (2012-present);

Department of Electronic of Science & Technology, Associate Professor (2011-2012);

Department of Electronic of Science & Technology, Lecturer (2003-2011);

Department of Electric Engineering, Assistant Lecturer (1998-2000);

Selected Publications

[1]Cai Yongda, Zou Zhige, Wang Zhen, Lei Jianming. Threshold-voltage- difference-based CMOS voltage reference derived from basic current bias generator with 4.3 ppm/°C temperature coefficient. Electronics Letters, Volume 50, Issue 7, 27 March 2014, p. 505 – 507
[2]Zhige Zou, Wuyue Wang, Jianming Lei*, Guoyi Yu, Xuecheng Zou. A CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier for BCC Applications. The 10th International Conference on ASIC (ASICON 2013)
[3]Zhi-Ge Zou, Xiao-Ou Mao, Jian-Ming Lei, Yang Yang. Survey of Low Energy Human Body Communication for Wireless Body Area Networks 2012 International Conference on Power Electronics Engineering and Computer Technology, Yichang, China, 21-23 Dec. 2012, pp225-228
[4]Chao-Ye Wen, Zhi-Ge Zou*, Wei He, Jian-Ming Lei, and Xue-Chen Zou. A 2Gbps to 12Gbps Wide- Range CDR with Automatic Frequency Band Selector. JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, VOL. 10, NO. 1, MARCH 2012:PP67-71
[5]Zhige Zou, Xuecheng Zou, Dingbin Liao, Fan Guo, Jianming Lei, Xiaofei Chen. A Novel Schmitt Trigger with Low Temperature Coefficient. ,IEEE 2008 Asian Pacific Conference on  Circuits and System, Dec. 1-3, Macu, China:PP1398-1401
[6]ZOU Zhi-ge, ZOU Xue-cheng, JIAN Wen-xiang, LEI Jian-ming. RS Trigger Based Relaxation Oscillator for Temperature Measurement Circuit. The Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications. 2008, 15(3):PP118-123
[7]ZOU Zhige, ZOU Xuecheng, DAI Xiaowu, LEI Jianming. Novel Schmitt Trigger with Wide Temperature Range. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences , 2008, 13(2): PP191-194
[8]Yang Shiyang, Zou Xuecheng, Zou Zhige*, Chen Xiaofe.i A Loop-Improved Capacitor-less Low-dropout Regulator for SoC Power Management Application APPEEC. 2009.

Awards and Honors

  • 2005,2006,2008,2013, Mentored 4 Excellent Students of HUST
  • 2012, Instructor of the team who won the second prize at global level in the Digilent Design Contest
  • 2012, Title of Enthusiast in Three Aspects of Education of HUST
  • 2008,2011,2012, Title of Outstanding Mentor of Undergraduate Technical Innovation Activities
  • 2011, Outstanding Mentor Award in the Cypress PSoC3 China Innovation Design Contest, our team won the Special Prize
  • 2010, The First Prize of Young Teacher Teaching Contest of HUST
  • 2010, Teaching Excellence Award of School of Distance and Continuing Education
  • 2009, Student Kang Wenjing mentored by me won the award of “Outstanding Bachelor Degree Thesis of Hubei Province”
  • 2009, Advanced Labor Union Worker of HUST
  • 2009, Student Wen Chaoye mentored by me won the award of “Outstanding Bachelor Degree Thesis of Hubei Province”
  • 2008, Title of Outstanding Young Teacher of HUST
  • 2008, The course “Course Project for Analog IC Design” ranked 3 in the excellent courses of Hubei
  • 2008, The First Prize of Teaching Achievement Awards of HUST. My teaching achievement “IC Innovative Talents Cultivating Practice Based on Production-Study-Research Method” ranked 3 in all the entries.
  • 2007~2008, The Second Prize of Teaching Excellence Awards of HUST

Courses Taught

  • CMOS Analog IC Design (I), Undergraduate
  • CMOS Analog IC Design (II), Undergraduate
  • Course Project of IC Design, Undergraduate
  • ASIC Project Management, Graduate
  • Design of Integrated Circuits for Communications, Graduate
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