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Academic Areas: optical engineering

Li Wei is an assistant professor in School of Optical and Electronic Information, HUST. Her research interests: Optoelectronic Sensing and Imaging; optical scattering theory; fiber sensing technology. She focuses on how light propagates in water? How light scattered on small marine particles? How to shape those small particles by their optical characteristics? how to detect marine objects by optical imaging technology? She co-authored over 20 papers in the leading scholarly journals in optics and physics. She supervises several projects supported by NSFC, CSIC and etc.

Academic Degrees

08/2009  PhD in Physical Electronics jointly cultivated by, HUST, China and UCSD, US
(thesis area: scattering characteristic of marine particle and optical size retrieval)
09/2007-04/2009  Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, CA, USA.
09/2006-08/2007  Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, HUST, China
09/2005 in Optoelectronics Science &Technology (thesis area: optical detection & simulation),  HUST, Wuhan, China
06/2003  B.Sc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, HUST, Wuhan, China

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor

School of optical and Electronic Information, HUST, China(2009-present)

Selected Publications

1. Wei Li, Kecheng Yang, and et al. “Backscatter characteristics of bubble clouds detected by an underwater Lidar System” Optics Express 17, 17772-17783(2009) (SCI Journal, impact factor:3.28)
2. Wei Li*, and Jules. S. Jaffe, "Sizing homogeneous spherical particles from intensity-only angular scatter," Journal of Optical Society of America A 27, 151-158 (2010) (SCI Journal, impact factor: 2.00)
3. Wei Li, Hu Cheng, Min Xia*, Kecheng Yang, An experimental study of pH optical sensor using a section of no-core fiber, Sensors and Actuators A 199, 260-264(2013) (SCI Journal, impact factor: 1.84)
4. Chizhu Ding, Kecheng Yang, Wei Li*, Min Xia, & Dan Tan. An improved particle-sizing approach based on optical diffraction tomography. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 102(4), 44003 (2013). (SCI Journal, impact factor:  2.260)
5. Huilin He, Wei Li*, Xiaohui Zhang, Min Xia and Kecheng Yang, "Light scattering by a spheroidal bubble with geometrical optics approximation," Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 113, 1467-1475 (2012) (SCI Journal, impact factor:  2.380)
6. Yuzhang Chen, Wei Li*, Min Xia, and Kecheng Yang, "Model-based restoration and reconstruction for underwater range-gated imaging," Optical Engineering 50, 113203-113209 (2011) (SCI Journal, impact factor:  0.959)
7. Yuzhang Chen, Wei Li*, Min Xia, Qing Li and Kecheng Yang Super-resolution reconstruction for underwater imaging. Optica applicata 2011;XLI(4).  (SCI Journal, impact factor:  0.398)
8. Wei Li, Kecheng Yang, Min Xia, et al. Computation of the scattering intensity distribution for natural light scattered by an air bubble in water, J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt., 8 (2006) 93-99, (SCI Journal, impact factor:1.604)
9. Wei Li, Kecheng Yang, Min Xia, et al. Computation for angular distribution of scattered light on a coated bubble sin water, J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 8 (2006) 926–931, (SCI Journal, impact factor:1.604)
10. Wei Li, Kecheng Yang, Min Xia, et al. Distribution Characteristics of Scattered Light Intensity on Coated Air bubble in Water, Acta Optica Sinica.Vol.28,No.4(2008) 9-13 (In Chinese)  (EI Journal)

Neri, F., Introduction to Electronic Defense Systems 2ed. Zhang Xiaohui, Rao jionghui, Wei Li translated. Publishing House of Electronics Industry. 2014

Courses Taught

Principles of Lasers


2011-2013 “Sizing Oceanic Picoplankton by Measurement of their Scattered Light” (Supported by National Science Fund of China)
Responsibility: Principle Investigator of the project, theoretical research
2012-2013  “Underwater optical imaging system” (coorperate with CSIC)
Responsibility: Principle Investigator of the project, system design
2012-2016  “Online density sensor for battery” (coorperate with CSIC)
Responsibility: Principle Investigator of the project, system design
2013-2016 “Research on  a New Method of Measuring Three-Dimensional Volume Scattering Function(VSF) of Seawater by Space Mapping Imaging” (Supported by National Science Fund of China)
Responsibility: Numerical simulation and experimental research

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