Associate Professor

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Academic Areas: Microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits design and application, new generation electromagnetic materials and devices

Liang Fei is the deputy director of the Department of Electrical Science and Engineering and associate professor at School of Optical and Electrical Information in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). His research spans microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits design and application and the new generation electromagnetic materials and devices. He was a visiting scholar in the Design Center of Microwave and Millimeter Wave, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester, UK during 2005 and 2006.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Microelectronics and solid state electronics, 2007, Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.; 
BA & MS, 2000, Wuhan University of Technology.

Professional Experience

2000.7– Current  Associate Professor of HUST

Selected Publications

1. Fei Liang, Xiaofei Zhai, Wenzhong Lu, Qianxing Wan, and Yanyu Zhang. An Independently Tunable Dual-Band Filter Using Asymmetric λ/4 Resonator Pairs with Shared Via-Hole Ground. Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 146, 99-108, 2014(Sci)
2. Fei Liang, Shaoshuai Feng, Wenzhong Lu, Qianxing Wan, Guifen Fan. Effects of A-site La3+ substitution by Nd3+ on microwave dielectric properties and microstructure of CaTiO3-La(Ga0.5Al0.5)O3 Ceramics. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Vol 613, Nov 2014, Pages:128-131(Sci)
3. Fei Liang , Meng Ni, Wenzhong Lu, Shaoshuai Feng. Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of CaTiO3–La[Ga(1-δ)Alδ]O3 ceramics system. Materials Research bulletin. Volume 57, September 2014, Pages 140–145(Sci)
4. Fei Liang, Meng Ni, Wenzhong Lu, Guifen Fan.Microwave dielectric properties and crystal structures of 0.7[LaxNd(1-x)]AlO3 ceramics.Journal of alloys and Compounds,568(2013) 11-15(Sci)
5. Fei Liang, B Luo, W.Lu and X.Wang, A compact dual band filter with close passbands using asymmetric λ/4 resonator pairs shared via-hole ground, Journal of electromagnet waves and application, Vol.25,pp:1289-1296, Apr.2011(Sci)
6. Fei Liang, Bin Luo and Wenzhong Lu, Novel triple bandpass microstrip filter with flexible passband assignment, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.53, No.9, PP:2064-2066, Sep 2011,(Sci)
7. Liang Fei, Gan Hongwen, Wang Zhiyong, Lu Wenzhong. Novel Compact Triple-bandpass Filter Using λ/4 Resonator Pairs with Common Via Ground. Piers Proceeding, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,March 27-30, pp:1220-1224, 2012(Ei)
8. Fei Liang, Zhipeng Wu,  Wenzhong Lu, Dongxiang Zhou, A Novel Four-stages Double-layered Dielectric Waveguide Bandpass Filter in LTCC, Microwave Optical Technology Letters, Vol.49, No. 8, pp:1837-1840, August 2007(Sci)
9. Fei Liang, Wenzhong Lu, Dongxiang Zhou, Xianghong Wang Effect of Additive SrWO4 on Microwave Dielectric Properties of  SrTiO3-Sr(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 Ceramics. Journal of Electroceramics, Vol.21, pp: 431-434 ,Dec 2008(Sci)
10. Liang Fei , Lu Wenzhong, Wu Zhipeng, Wang Xiaochuan, A Microwave Ceramic Band-pass Filter For Mobile Communications With New Coupling Structure, Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol.14 No.1, pp:43-46, Jan.2009 (Ei)
11. Fei Liang, Dongxiang Zhou, Wenzhong Lv, Shuping Gong, The Printing and Firing Process of Al Paste in PTC Ohmic Contact Electrodes, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater.Sci.Ed, Vol.19, No.3, pp:26-28, Sep.2004(Sci)


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