Associate Professor

Phone: (86) 27-8754 4472 / 138 7110 9843


Academic Areas: The design calculations of nanostructured materials, Nano electronic devices and Electrochemical capacitor

Miao Ling received the B.S. degree from the Dept. of Physics in Central China Normal University in 2003 and the Ph.D. degree from Wuhan University in 2008. In 2008, he became an instructor in the School of Optics and Electronic Information and then in 2012 he became an associate professor. He is now undertaking and participating in many projects, such as Natural Science Foundation Program of China and the National Defense Pre Research Project. Over 20 journal papers he published have been indexed by SCI. He is one of the leading instructors of Computing and Fundamental Design of Materials (provincial excellent course). He tutored bachelor students to undertake more than 20 national and university innovative projects.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Physics, 2008, Wuhan Unicersity.;

Bachelor, 2003, Central China Normal University

Professional Experience

2012.11– Current  Associate Professor of HUST

Selected Publications

1. Yutao Li, Xiaojie Wang, Wenhao Shi, Zeyu Yan, Chengbo Zhao, Chi Chen, Ling Miao*, Jianjun Jiang. Enhanced and adjustable adsorption of organo-functional groups on Li decorated CNTs: A First Principle Study. J Applied Physics, 116:084308, 2014
2. Chi Chen, Kui Xu, Xiao Ji, Ling Miao*, Jianjun Jiang. Enhanced adsorption of acidic gases (CO2, NO2 and SO2) on light metal decorated graphene oxide. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2014, 16:11031.
3. Chen Zhongping, Miao Ling*, Miao Xiangshui*, Nitrogen-induced Local Spin Polarization in Graphene on Cobalt, J Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 342: 144, 2013
4. Chen Chi, Miao Ling*, Xu Kui, Yao Jie, Li Chen Yang, Jiang Jian Jun. Electric Field Induced Orientation-Selective Unzipping of Zigzag Carbon Nanotubes upon Oxidation, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15:6431, 2013
5. Miao Ling, Wu Jiang Bin, Jiang Jian Jun*, Liang Pei. First-principles study on the synergistic mechanism of SnO2 and graphene as LIBs anode, J Physical Chemistry C, 117:23, 2013
6. Huang Shi Han, Miao Ling*, Xiu Yu Jie, Wen Ming, Li Cong, Zhang Le, Jiang Jian Jun. Lithium-Decorated Oxidized Porous Graphene for Hydrogen Storage by First Principles Study, J Applied Physics, 112: 124312, 2012
7. Zhao Hong Peng, Xu Wei, Song Liang, Mei Qing Gao, Chen Chi, Miao Ling*, Jiang Jian Jun. External Electric Field Induced Oxygen-Driven Unzipping of Carbon Nanotubes. J Applied Physics, 112: 074316, 2012.
8. 田圆,赵倩莹,胡靖,周辰,缪灵*,江建军. 衬底上石墨烯制备及改性研究进展,化学进展, 24:69, 2012.
9. Zhang Dai Meng, Li Zhe, Zhong Jian Fu, Miao Ling*, Jiang Jian Jun. Electronic properties of edge-functionalized zigzag graphene nanoribbons on SiO2 substrate. Nanotechnology, 22:265702, 2011.
10. Miao Ling, Liu Hui Jun*, Wen Yan Wei, Zhou Xiang, Hu Cheng Zheng. Chirality dependence of the adsorption of H2 on 4 Å carbon nanotubes. J Applied Physics, 103:016106, 2008.


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