Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87506216


Academic Areas: Magneto-optical, thermal-optical materials and devices,ptical Instrument theory and exploring

Academic Degrees

PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, Beijing Institute of Physics, CAS;
Master in Materials Physics, Lanzhou University.
Bachelor in Materials Physics, Lanzhou University.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science & Technology Since 2003, School of Optics and Electronic Information, Graduate School of Optical Engineering, Assoc Professor (2003-present);

Selected Publications

[1]S.B. Wang (王双保), S.B. Zhou, G. Huang, X. Yi. Preparation of 128 element of IR detector array based on vanadium oxide thin films obtained by ion beam, Sensors & Actuators, 2004, A117: 110-114.
[2]S.B. Wang (王双保), X.J. Yi. VOx thin films obtained by ion beam sputtering and oxidation process, Sur. Coat. & Tech., 2004, 191: 332.
[3]Q.P. Chen, Q.L. Chen,  Wang S B (王双保). A New Faraday Rotation Measurement Method for the Study on Magneto Optical Property of PbO-Bi2O3-B2O3 Glasses for Current Sensor Applications, Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials, 2011, 1, 1-7.
[4]Q.P. Chen, Q.L. Chen, L. Wan, Wang S B(王双保),MO glasses doped with nano Fe3O4 dopants,Advanced Material Science Vol213, 2011, P330-333.

Awards and Honors

2004 Natrual Science Award in Hubei Province.
“the 4th Chunhui creation competition” second award, 2009, Bureau of Studying abroad in Ministry of Education.
The “3551 talent award” by East lake High-Tech development Zone.

Courses Taught

Opt-electronic sensing and Signal Processing;
Opt-electronic materials and devices;
Opt-electronic imaging and processing.


Department of Opt-electronic Engineering

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