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Academic Areas: Optical communications and Optical fiber sensing

Optical fiber as the ideal transmission medium of information, in terms of information access with the rise of internet things industry, attracts more and more attentions. Prof. Xia has carried out a series of research on the fiber technology, and has obtained the following achievements: (1) Through the introduction of multiple phase shifts in the fiber longitudinal period structure, a superbly narrow spacing multi-wavelength lasing fiber lasers has been achieved. It can be used in the beat frequency sensing; 2 The microstructure consisted of the fine-core and multimode fiber has been designed, and the measurements of the liquid level, the refractive index, the temperature and stress, etc, have been realized; 3 Aim to the chemical and biological sensing, the study of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect in the multi-core photonic crystal fiber reveals the coupling variation law from the partial coupled phenomenon to the fully coupled phenomenon; 4 In the breakpoint location technology of the optical fiber line, a new optical broadband chaos light source is adopted to fulfill simultaneously the multi-branch locations.
He has published 65 SCI papers with the total citations of 282. His H index of scholar has reached 10. He is currently the OSA member.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Tsinghua University (1999-2004)
Bachelor, Tsinghua University (1994-1999)

Professional Experience

Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University (2005-2009)
Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2009-present);

Selected Publications

[1]Li Xia*, Di Huang, Jun Xu, and Dengming Liu, Simultaneous and precise fault locating in WDM-PON by the generation of optical wideband chaos, Optics Letters, vol. 38, no. 19, pp. 3762-3764, 2013.
[2]Li Xia*, binbin Shuai, Wei Li, Deming Liu, “Simultaneous measurement of temperature and infinitesimal displacement using the high cladding mode coupling loss in fiber Bragg grating,” Sensors and Actuators: A. Physical, vol. 176, 53-56, 2012.
[3]Li Xia*, Yating Zhang, Chi Zhou, binbin Shuai, Deming Liu, “Numerical Analysis of Plasmon Polarition Refractive Index Fiber Sensors with Hollow core and a Long Period Grating ,” Optics Communications ,vol. 284, 2835-2838, 2011.
[4]Yuanwu Wang, Li Xia*, Chengliang Yang, Yating Zhang, Lecheng Li, Zhenghai Xie, Songnian Fu, and Deming Liu, Multiwavelength generation based on a mode-locked fiber laser using carbon nanotube and fiber Fabry–Perot filter, Applied Optics, vol. 52, no. 26, pp. 6616-6619, 2013.
[5]Zhenhai Xie, Li Xia*, Yuanwu Wang, Chengliang Yang, Chi Cheng, and Deming Liu, Fiber fault detection with high accuracy using chaotic signal from a SOA ring reflectometry,  IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 25, no. 8, pp. 709-712, 2013.
[6]Lecheng Li, Li Xia*, Yuanwu Wang, Yanli Ran, Chengliang Yang and Deming Liu, Novel NCF-FBG interferometer for simultaneous measurement of refractive index and temperature, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 24, no. 24, pp. 2268-2271, 2012.
[7]Binbin Shuai, Li Xia* and Deming Liu, Coexistence of positive and negative refractive index sensitivity in the liquid-core photonic crystal fiber based plasmonic sensor, Optics Express, vol. 20, no.23, pp. 25858-25866, 2012.
[8]Binbin Shuai, Li Xia*, Yating Zhang, and Deming Liu, A multi-core holey fiber based plasmonic sensor with large detection range and high linearity, Optics Express, vol. 20, no.6, pp. 5974-5986, 2012.
[9]Yating Zhang, Derrick Yong, Xia Yu, Shuwen Zeng , Li Xia*, Deming Liu and Ying Zhang, Amplification of surface enhanced Raman scattering in photonic crystal fiber using offset launch method, Plasmonics, vol. 8, 209-215, 2013.
[10]Lecheng Li, Li Xia*, Zhenhai Xie, and Deming Liu, All-fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometers for sensing applications, Optics Express, vol. 20, no.10, pp. 11109-11120, 2012.
[11]Yating Zhang, Chi Zhou, Li Xia*, Xia Yu, and Deming Liu, Wagon wheel fiber based multichannel plasmonic sensor, Optics Express, vol. 19, no. 23, pp. 22863-22873, 2011.

Awards and Honors

Distinguished referee Award, 2013, The European Physical Journal (EPJ)

Courses Taught

“The Fiber Optics”, National quality shared curriculum, Spring semester
“The fiber sensing and network technology”, Bilingual course, Autumn semester.

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