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Academic Areas: The photoelectric measurement

Academic Degrees

2003.9-2007.6  Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan Province,Ph.D. in Optical engineering
2000.9-2003.6  Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan Province,Master Degree in Physical electronics 
1996.9-2000.6  Huazhong University of Technology,Wuhan Province,BA Degree in Optoelectronic

Professional Experience

Teacher (2007-present) School of Optical and electronic information Huazhong University of Science&Technology

2001-2003, System of calibration specification for IR optical focal length measuring.Project of The 612 research
2003-2005, Study of the adaptive optic system in transmission type, high-resolution camera reconnaissance. The "ten five" pre-research project.
2005-2007,Compensation of the Aberrations in Laser Through MEMS-DMs.NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China)
2008-2010, Dual-band Infrared Target /Jamming Simulator.Project of The 612 research
Research on Bearing Fault Diagnosis System for Marine Induction Motor.Defense project
2009-2011,Wavefront measuring instrument,Hubei photoelectric test instrument fund technical service center
2011-2012, Design of Optical image rotation System of Digital Microscope.Experimental technology research project of Huazhong University

Selected Publications

[1]Zhengang Yang, Haiqing Chen, Jiafeng Chen and Lei Wang. Investigation of solide-state lasers aberration compensation using an intra-cavity adaptive optic mirror. Proc. of SPIE Vol.6279. 6R-1~6R-6.
[2]Yang Zhengang, Chen Haiqing, Li Jie, Zhou Huadong.Lasers Aberration Compensation Using an Intra-Cavity Adaptive Optical System. ACTA OPTICA SINICA.Vol.27,No.12.December, 2007.
[3]YANGZhen-gang,CHENHai-qing,WANGkei,RENWen-xin. Investigation of laser aberration compensation using an intra-cavity deformablem irror. LASER TECHNOLOGY.Vo.l 31,No. 5.October, 2007.
[4]YANG Zhen-gang,CHEN Hai-qing,LI Jun,YU Hong-bin.Adaptive optical system based on MEMS technology.Opto-Electronic Engineering. Vol.34, No.2.Feb, 2007.
[5]YANG Zhen-gang,CHENHai-qing,WANG Lei,RENWen-xin.
[6]YANG Zhen-gang,CHEN Hai-qing.Infrared Optic Systems Focus Measurement.2011,9(6):33~35.
[7]YANG Zhen-gang,LIU Jin-song, WANG Ke-jia.Experimental research on nondestructive inspection for multilayer cellular samples using continuous terahertz waves imaging system.Vol.24.No.6.June 2013.
[8]YANG Zheng-Gang,ZHAO Bi-Qing,Liu Jin-Song,WANG Ke-Jia. Nondestructive inspection with terahertz waves.Physics.2013.
[9]YANG Zhen-gang,LIU Jin-song, WANG Ke-jia.

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