The Department of Electronic Science at the School of Optical and Electronic Information originates from the previous Department of Electronic Science and Technology of HUST, having the electronic science and technology as the first-level discipline which ranked top 2 in the educational evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education in 2002. Its second-level discipline “Micro and Solid-State Electronics” was awarded as one of the key disciplines of Hubei Province in 1998. Nowadays, the fast-increasing information industry motivates the rapid development of electronics science and technology. The discipline of Electronic Science and Technology, with continuous mutual permeation with other first-level disciplines such as Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, and Optical Engineering, is offering both science and technology basis for the innovation and development of the information industry.

Objectives of Education
The Department of Electronic Science has a complete cultivation system including undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral education. Students are expected to have solid fundamental theoretical knowledge in natural science with wide scientific horizon; good apprehension and sensitivity to the new developments of the global information science and technology; good comprehensive ability to analyze and solve corresponding problems; theoretical basis and experimental skills in the fields of advanced electronic materials, optical materials, electronic and opto-electronic devices, large-scale integrated circuit, integrated electronic system and opto-electronic system, and computer-aided design and testing;good abilities to use foreign language and computer, to master the method of literature retrieving and data-inquiring, and to write scientific articles; as well as the well-developed humanities spirit and strong spirits of creativity and competition.

Cultivating mode
The Department of Electronic Science takes students as the center and aims at cultivating talents with solid academic knowledge and well-developed abilities with innovative spirits. The main methods include optimizing the teacher structure, improving the basic conditions for scientific practices, continuously converting scientific research achievements into high-quality teaching resource, strengthening the innovative education mode, and exploring the education cooperation with industry.

Highlights of Teaching and Research
The Department of Electronic Science is famous for its well-developed systematic teaching design. With the aim of high-quality education, We provide wonderful resources for students in every single teaching step, covering the military training, science and technology activities and experiments, curriculum design, and social practice opportunities. As an important research base of micro and solid-state electronics in China, the Department of Electronic Science owns the Engineering Research Center for Functional Ceramics of Ministry of Education (MOE), Key Lab of Functional Materials for Electronic Information of MOE, and the Creative Cultivating Zone for CCMS Community Innovation Talent. We put efforts to transform the scientific research achievements into high-quality education resources for our students so that our teachers and students are connected by the academic teaching and scientific research.