Laboratory of Information Functional Materials and Devices

Main Research fields:

1. photonic and electronic materials: ceramics, thin/thick films,composites

2. development of instruments: piezoelectric, pyroelectric,ferroelectric

3. device design and simulation:infrared detectors, energy collector, ultrasonic transducer

Scientific projects:

National Key Basic Research Program  (973):
Several properties of materials characterization and mesoscopic scale effect
National High Technology R&D Program (863):
Environmentally friendly ferroelectric flexible composite materials and uncooled infrared focal plane arrays
National Natural Science Foundation:
Research on wide temperature range sensitivity infrared detector array based on pyroelectric composite films
New Century Excellent Talents Project Grant
4 National defense scientific researches
Outstanding Youth Foundation of Hubei Province:
Basic research on new pyroelectric composite film and infrared detector array
Doctoral Fund:
Size effect and grain boundary barrier model of Nano-ZnO thin film varistor
Horizontal cooperation:
China University of Geosciences、Hubei University; Electrical Engineering institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences、Hubei Provincial Research Institute of Chemistry; some companies in Wuhan、Shenzhen、Guangdong、Zhejiang、Xiangfan、et al.; and some military enterprises.

Awards (teachers):
2002: First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award (Ministry of Education)
2003: Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award
2003: First Prize of Natural Science Award (Hubei Province)
2005: First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award (Ministry of Education)
2007: First Prize of Technological Invention Award
2010: China Petroleum Chemical Technology Invention Award (Second Prize)
2011: Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (Silver)
2013: Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (Silver)

Awards (students):
Zhang Haibo:
BenQ Scholarship (2004)
Second Prize of GE Foundation TECH Award (2005)
Zhang Qingfeng:
Third Prize of GE Foundation TECH Award (2009)
Yu Yan:
2010 PhD Student Academic Newcomer Award (Ministry of Education)
2012 Scholarship for PhD students (National)
Liu Sisi and Yao Fei:
2012 Scholarship for Master Students (National)

Research team members