The Department of Optoelectronics Engineering

Time:May 9, 2019

The department of optoelectronics engineering (DOE) at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is one of the foremost institutions for research and education in optical and photonic science and engineering in China. DOE started in 1970 as the Lab for Research and Education in Optical devices and Lasers, and became the department of optics in 1979. In 1991, the name was changed to the department of optoelectronics engineering.

The department includes 9 professors, 12 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, and 6 research scientists.

The faculty and students are engaged in research covering all aspects of optics and photonics including optical wireless communication; photoelectric detection under water; nanophotonics and optical metamaterials; optical imaging; laser and laser material processing technology; tera-hertz technology.

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