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Optical and Electronic Information Teaching and Experimental Center

Time:March 27, 2023

Founded in 2012, the Optical and Electronic Information Teaching and Experimental Center was formed by the merger of the original Optoelectronic Teaching Experimental Center and the Electronic Science and Technology Teaching Experimental Center, both with a history of more than 40 years, to build a teaching mode based on general education, professional curriculum education as the core, and innovative education as the goal, forming a coherent integrated practical teaching system. He has won the first prize of Hubei Province Higher Education Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and National Teaching Achievement Award.

The teaching and experimental center is located in Building A, the new optoelectronic information building, with a dedicated teaching laboratory area of 2300 square meters, fixed assets of more than 15 million yuan, and 1201 sets of experimental instruments. There are 17 experimental courses, more than 150 experimental projects, and more than 60 teachers, including 11 full-time teachers. It not only conducts experimental teaching and scientific research training for undergraduate and graduate students in A+ disciplines of optical engineering and first-level disciplines of electronic science and technology, but also undertakes the experimental teaching tasks of more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students in the information category, mechanical class and life science category of the whole university, the "Wang Daheng class" and "excellent engineer class" of Qiming College, one major jointly run by seven universities and two majors outside the university.

The experimental curriculum covers four major sections, starting from cognitive practice courses to cultivate students' interest and enhance professional identity; Take professional basic experiments as the core to strengthen the understanding of professional courses; Take comprehensive scientific research training as an advancement to enhance students' practical ability; With science and technology competitions as an improvement, stimulate students' innovation ability and exercise students' teamwork ability. Through diversified and interdisciplinary comprehensive experimental courses, explore the cutting-edge "online-offline" integrated teaching path, effectively cultivate students' engineering ability and innovation ability, and cultivate high-quality compound talents with international competitiveness for "new engineering".

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