The Department of Optical Communication and Optical Network Engineering

Time:May 9, 2019

The department of optical communication and optical network engineering was founded by optical fiber communication and sensing department of the original photoelectric school and broadband optical interconnect department of the original laser institute. The faculty team including 5 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 lecturers, 1 double employed academician, most of them are middle aged or young professor, associate professor and young teachers with doctoral degrees. They have long been engaged in teaching and research work about optical communications and optical networking technology, they have a wealth of experience and a solid strength, especially in terms of innovative research, their own distinctive features and advantages have been formed. What’s more, based on “National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Access System”, they have established a relatively advanced optical communications and optical networking research and development platform.

This department undertakes important teaching tasks in school of photoelectric, including national level model courses 《Fiber Optics》《Optical Fiber Communication Technology》,basic course 《Signals and Linear Systems》,《Communication Principles》, 《Principles and Applications of the Single Chip Microcomputer》, 《Physical Optics》, 《Applied Optics》,selective courses《Optical Network Technology》,《Fiber Sensing Technology》,《Fiber Technology Experiment》, 《Computer Experiment》, 《Software Curriculum Design》,graduate courses《Optical Waveguide Theory 》,《Broadband Optical Access Network》, 《Optical Communications and Optical Exchange of Technology》,《Special Fiber Theory and Application》, as well as undergraduate production practice, graduation and post-graduate training and so on.

The past three years, focusing on coherent reception, access expansion, sensor networking technology direction, they conducted extensive research and development work, they have taken 33 national research projects of national level, including the 973, 863, the next generation of Internet projects, and other major national science and technology projects, provincial and municipal projects and cooperation projects in 10 with a total research funding of nearly 80 million yuan; They have made significant technological breakthrough in aspects of high-speed fiber access expansion and extension of the distance, high-capacity sensor passive optical networks.

Total access to 7 national and provincial science and technology awards, including a 2nd prize of State Technological Invention Award, a 1st prize of Hubei Technological Invention Award, a 3rd prize Electronic Information Science and Technology Award, a Gold prize in Geneva International invention Exhibition, a silver in Geneva International Exhibition Award invention, a 2nd prize of Hubei technological Invention Award, a 1st prize of Ministry of Education Science and Technology progress Award, a Bronze Award in Wuhan patents. Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department obtained five technology appraisal results.

They have 69 applications and authorized state invention patents; Participation in drawing up 1 international standard of optical access and 1 Communication Association standard as the main unit. Nearly 3 years, more than 200 graduate students have been trained; And more than 300 papers have been published.

7 technical achievements realized transfer and commercialization, technology transfer co-funding reached 14.7 million yuan, they have created a considerable economic benefits for the enterprise. They have effectively promoted the cooperative enterprise technological progress, led to the development of next generation Internet access industry.

They specially focus on students' innovative spirit and practical ability, undergraduate and graduate students here have been awarded National Challenge Award, was rated Huazhong University of Science and Technology "Technology Top Ten" and Hubei Province, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the excellent bachelor, master and doctoral thesis Award for many times. Students graduated here are very welcomed by enterprises, domestic and foreign IT companies compete to hire them.

Key research direction here: optical fiber communication devices and systems, optical fiber access networks, fiber optic sensing and networking technology, networking technology research.

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