The Department of Microwave and Optoelectronic Integration

Time:March 27, 2023

The Department of Microwave and Optoelectronic Integration has 7 professors (researchers) and 6 associate professors, and has the Key Laboratory of Electronic Information Functional Materials (B) of the Ministry of Education, which serves the major strategic needs of the country and establishes a set of relatively advanced microwave millimeter wave and optoelectronic integration research and development platform.

In recent years, a large number of research has been carried out closely around microwave millimeter wave device and antenna engineering, microwave intelligent stealth design and application, infrared detection and imaging, photoelectric fusion intelligent chip design, adaptive optical piezoelectric drive, solar cell nano slurry, etc., forming a relatively complete scientific research and talent training system, including the National Key R&D Program Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Key Project, the National Defense Pre-research Project, the National Defense Supporting Project, the Joint Fund of the Ministry of Education, the major R&D plan project of Hubei Province, and the major project of Wuhan City "Stuck neck" research projects, including more than 60 national, provincial and ministerial projects and national leading enterprise cooperation projects, research funds of more than hundreds of millions of yuan, especially in microwave millimeter wave antenna technology, radar wave intelligent stealth technology, infrared detection and imaging chip technology, photoelectric fusion chip technology, piezoelectric materials and device technology, solar cell nanomaterial technology and other fields have formed their own research characteristics and advantages, some research results have been applied to major equipment models, some achievements have been industrialized, creating an output value of about 5 billion yuan.

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