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Optical and Electronic Experiment Center

Time:May 9, 2019

Optical and electronic information experiment & teaching center (OEIETC) is a place which centralized management, leadership, team and experimental area. It is an unified teaching & experimental platform for the photoelectron technology. The total area of the OEIETC is about 2500m2. The electronic teaching laboratory Contains professional foundation laboratory, IC laboratory, material design and virtual instrument laboratory, functional materials technology laboratory, material and device applications laboratory, microelectronic technology laboratory, electronic packaging and surface mount technology laboratory. The opto-electronic practice teaching Lab including: basic optics laboratory, photoelectric professional foundation laboratory, photoelectric professional system lab, comprehensive laboratory, photoelectric expand teaching base, Photoelectron science training base, school and enterprise combination photoelectron practice base. It formed a comprehensive, systematic, innovative and open practice teaching platform which based on scientific, professional foundation experiment, and IC design, material, function, design and application of optical devices, microelectronic technology, engineering practice education as the breakthrough points.

1.The Teaching situation of the OEIETC

The OEIETC has 10 full-time staff including: 1 Director (Professor), 1 deputy directors (Associate Professor), 2 senior engineers, 2 lecturers, 4 engineers, and the 40% of the staff has a doctorate; There are also 52 part-time teachers works on the Lab course teaching and 70% have doctoral degrees, including 12 professors who divide the teaching task of graduate and Undergraduate students on professional Practice teaching.

The OEIETC is on the duty of 15 experimental course: 56 teaching hours of Electronic Science and technology specialty basic experiment, 4 teaching hours of the Virtual Instrument Experiment, 56 hours of integrated circuit design experiment, 32 hours of magic optical experiment, 24 hours of physical optics experiment, 16 hours of experiment of Applied Optics, 16 hours of photoelectric technology experiment, 16 hours of Fiber optic experiment, 24 hours of laser experiment, 24 hours of experiment of photoelectric information technology, 24 hours of communication system experiment, 24 hours of integrated photoemission experiments, 24 hours of laser engineering experiment, 24 hours of experiment of modern optics, 32 hours of photoelectric innovation practice.

OEIETC also takes 5 curriculum design: 32 hours of IC curriculum design, 32 hours of Computational materials science curriculum design, 32 hours of Solid state electronics course design, 2 weeks of Optical system design.

2.The main equipment in OEIETC

Experimental center now have 1400 sets of equipments, the new purchase of equipment make up more than 60%. Such as: RTS-8 digital four probe tester, H-44500G vacuum coating machines, single tube diffusion furnace, spin coating units, lithography machines, planetary ball mill, ellipsometry, interferometer, beam quality analyzer, solid state laser experimental system, collimators, fiber mode field analyzers, optical fiber communication experiment device, lock-in amplifier, the total value of fixed assets of more than 13000000 yuan.

3.The characteristics in OEIETC

We insist on a student-centered educational idea and emphasize the development of the ability of students in morality, intelligence and health. The undergraduate teaching is the most important part of OEIETC and the interaction of teaching and research is work out here. The teaching of our center has feature as follow which emphasize on the students’ development of theoretical basis and the training of engineering technical:

1.Emphasize on the long-term training of undergraduate student. In the beginning of the second semester of undergraduate students, we encourage some excellent students to work with graduated student in our center.

2. Emphasize on the training of innovational student and combine the study, research and produce. We insist on the concept that training excellent students who face the request of produce, service and management for our country, especially increase the cooperation with international famous companies such as NI Company, Huagong Technology Corp. Meanwhile, we also construct practice base with famous companies based in the training feature of us: material-device-system.

3.Exchange Research results into high quality teaching resources. We are not only pay attention to the industrialization of research results but also focus on apply some of the research results which are benefit for practice teaching on experimental teaching, to promote experimental teaching content update.

4.By using the function of Experimental Teaching Guidance Committee to improve the practice teaching system, supervise and evaluate the experimental teaching effect.

5.Strengthening scientific training, and establish the engineering training base with enterprise.

6.To establish an open practice teaching platform.

4.The main achievements of OEIETC

2007, Electronic Experiment teaching demonstration center of colleges and universities in Hubei Province.

Award the first prize of teaching achievement of Hubei Province in 2013.

There are two textbooks Published for the Lab teaching in 2008 and 2010.

Establish eight practice base with the famous optics or electrics enterprise.

Through several years practice, the quality and quantity of papers which students have the first author's identity has been rocket up .Students here won a variety of international and national college innovation awards competition ,the quality and quantity of the awards maintain the leading for many years.

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