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University Students Laboratory for Public Project

Time:May 9, 2019

The “University students laboratory for public project” is built by the school of optical and electronic information--the only national experimental school of Huazhong university of science and technology—in order to cultivate distinct characteristics undergraduate who has professional photoelectric innovation practice ability. The laboratory is a long-term platform for group-oriented extra-curricular innovation activities.

The laboratory has always been to the teaching idea ” service for the purpose, open as the core”, and also given consideration to the in-class teaching and extra-curricular innovation practice activity. Facing to all of the undergraduate students and integrating tightly with formative assessment content and target needs of the college core curriculum, it helps the students to achieve comprehension of the knowledge principle learnt in in-class course and enhance the extracurricular innovation practice ability. Eventually it contributes to cultivate excellent engineers who have good practical operation ability, strong professional design capability; It also helps the undergraduates to get into scientific research training as soon as possible and become small scientists.

1. Laboratory functions

The functions of public program laboratory mainly reflect in the following three aspects:

(1) Integrating tightly with formative assessment content and target needs of the college core curriculum, it provides a courses computer simulation and test platform for all the students in reading of the school.

(2)Providing a sharing research platform and instruction for the students to take part in all kinds of school-level, national level competition, just like college students' innovation contest, photoelectric competition, etc. Providing a platform and instruction of relevant curriculum design for the undergraduate. Undertaking part of job of the graduation design guidance.

(3) Using project-driven way (facing the needs of industry and the enterprise) to cultivate some excellent undergraduate and graduate students who have background of cross subjects, strong hands-on ability, design ability and creative ability. On this basis, carrying on the research and development of new products, new devices and new technology, and on the carrier of these to attract (venture capital) capital to hatch high-tech enterprises.

2.Aim of Lab

Provides the backbone of the core principles of teaching knowledge, reappear apperception, and extra-curricular practical hands-on activities innovation platform.

3.The main constitute of laboratory equipment

The lab now has all kinds of more than 20 experimental teaching space; and various more than 100 sets of special teaching equipment. Among them,teaching room can accommodate 60 students in class, the computer room has more than 60 sets of teaching computers, and teaching with a dedicated server and mass storage, uninterruptible power supplies, program-controlled switches and other hardware facilities; installed six categories 100 sets of genuine international mainstream educational software, set up with the campus network interoperability lab internal LAN network teaching platform.

In addition, a professional Optoelectronics systems laboratory, the chamber has more than 30 sets of professional optical test equipment for graduation design, curriculum design, production practice, various Daiso project, photoelectric competitions (such as laser design contest) and other types of innovative practice teaching activities.

For students' poor practice ability characteristics, laboratory has also established a professional operation room, the room has all kinds of gases, more than 10 sets of solid-state lasers, IC design and manufacturing test equipment, for all students on the professional direction familiar with commonly used devices, removable and commissioning of engineering training activities.

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